Jo Byrne Thimble

Manufacturer: Scissorman
Product Code:JOTHIM
RRP: $24.95
Yours Today: $ 19.95

The 'Kelly Gang' Collectible Thimble series adds another layer to the mythology of the Kelly gang and is a must-have for any Australian thimble collector. 

The Kelly Gang thimbles are made in Australia from high grade pewter. They have an authentic aged patina and are hand finished. There are four unique thimbles in the series, depicting the four unique helmets worn in the Glenrowan seige by the Kelly Gang. Each has its own unique features. The detail in each thimble is extraordinary, right down to the nuts that held them together. 

Joe's thimble has the thinnest eye-slit of the four and the longest face plate. Joe was reputed to have been afraid of being hit in the eyes by a shotgun blast. 

Internal diameter: 18mm 
Height: 30mm


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