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The Scissoroo® is a uniquely Australian pair of scissors designed by Trevor Robertson, featuring the iconic Australian kangaroo. Attention to detail and quality has resulted in a pair of fine scissors second to none in performance and design.

They are an ideal embroidery or thread cutting pair of utility scissors. Scissoroos® are quality scissors: they are exclusively hand-crafted in Italy for Scissorman.

In addition to being owned and treasured by many Australians, Scissoroos® make the perfect souvenir or gift from Australia for friends and family overseas. The first edition Scissoroos® are presented in an attractive matt-black tin with the Scissoroo® crest on the front and the Scissoroo® story on the back.

Scissoroo® brand together with the distinctive shape of the kangaroo embossed on and into the Scissoroo® scissors are each registered trade marks of Scissorman Pty Ltd and are protected by the laws of Australia and other countries.
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  • Scissoroo_T_Shir_50220ad70d495.gif
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    $ 19.95
    Scissoroo_T_Shir_50220ad70d495.gif Scissoroo_T_Shir_50220ad70d495.gif
    RRP: $29.95
    $ 19.95
    The T-shirt displays the iconic Scissoroo crest in a stylish gold. The image of the eucalypt trees at the top of the crest and the banksia leaves on the side appear in fine detail.
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