Designer Series Embroidery: ‘Bianca’

Manufacturer: Gingher
Product Code:GDS44
RRP: $89.95
Yours Today: $ 79.95

The Gingher Designer Series are a one-off, limited edition design. They feature handles decorated with a stylish floral print by Simonetta Pavoni. Once a particular edition has been released, the design is not reproduced again. It is only available for a limited period of time before a new design is released. Consequently, these scissors are rapidly becoming a true collectable. High quality and elegant, the Gingher Designer Series 4 inch embroidery scissors come with a leather tip cover to protect the blades when not in use. The Designer Series embroidery scissors are en essential for any collector.

The ‘Bianca’ design features orange flowers with green leaves overlaid on an apricot background.

RRP $89.95


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