Fibre Optic Ruler Strip Piecing Set, 15 inches in length

Manufacturer: Springfield
Product Code:SPRULSTPR15
RRP: $35.95
Yours Today: $ 29.95

Our Optic Fibre rulers are the best thing to hit the quilting world for some time!  They are made from fluorescent yellow acrylic plastic.  This transparent colour makes it perfect for fussy cutting.  The lines on the ruler are actually laser etched into the ruler. The advantage of this is that the lines will never wear off as painted lines do. The second advantage is that light actually travels through the edge of the ruler and along the etched lines making the lines glow as though they were plugged into the power!  Being laser etched, the lines are also very fine making the measurements very accurate.  The rulers and squares are marked in inches.

Fibre Optic Ruler: Set of six 15 inch strip piecing rulers, ranging from 1.25 x 15 inches to 2.5 x 15 inches

RRP $35.95


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