He is known as the scissorman. His interest in scissors knows no bounds. He even used scissors for cutting his wedding cake! On his travels around the world to source products for his business, Trevor Robertson discovered that scissors and shears come in more shapes and sizes than he had ever imagined. What started out as a quest has turned into a fascination that has fuelled a collection. Trevor now has around 200 pairs of old and antique scissors. His oldest is a pair of shears made in Sheffield, England that are nearly 200 years old, and he likes to think that they could have been used to cut Captain Cook’s uniform!

Trevor also has a modern collection too. Whether engineered ‘Swissors’ made by a practical Swiss Army knife makers or colourful & showy designer pairs Trevor is attracted to all types. American company Gingher produce limited editions with one-off designs by Simonetta Pavoni, and once these sell out they are not issued again, so they are tailored just for the collector! There are scissors for nearly everything…even for cutting pizzas! Trevor couldn’t resist those when he found them in Italy, and they have since become his boys’ favourites.

Trevor’s most expensive pair of scissors is a small modern pair of exquisite crossbow scissors made in Italy from solid gold that have steel blades. These cost him around $1,000 and are one of his favourites, and he thinks that the Italians, French and Germans have the best eye for design and make the most beautiful scissors.

The one thing missing in Trevor’s collection was an Australian pair of scissors and so he designed a pair himself. Inspired by a kangaroo road sign, the eventual result was his Scisscoroo and now these have been sold all around the world. Trevor really is living up to his reputation.

Footage and content is courtesy of ABC Collectors Program http://www.abc.net.au/tv/collectors/segments/s3246661.htm

Trevor also featured on ABC radio, Listen to it HERE